About us

Our company

Akarai has been in the making for years. It’s always been a plan of Dakarai Wilson and longtime friend Loretta Bruce to own something together.

Dakarai with his impeccable style and Loretta with her fashion forward thinking they are destined for greatness. Why now you may ask? The answer is maturity and realizing that their legacy can be legendary for their family and community.

Who is Dakarai, besides being the face and head designer of Akarai clothing he has an inept way of bringing trendy looks together with simplicity. Let him tell it he is “THE BEST OF THE BEST”. He maybe correct being one of East New York’s trendiest dressers.

Loretta is a businesswoman who loves behind the scene action. Her style is relaxed. You will mostly catch her in a white tank top, blue jeans or sweats. Don’t let her personal style choices fool you her eye for detail and outlandish thought process is what makes her and Dakarai a powerhouse team. Loretta states that Akarai has two open-minded and forward thinking creators. We will be around for a long time because just like time fashion is always moving forward.

Akarai is the future. Always Kool, Always Real, Always In...Style. Akarai plans to begin online and within a year have a fully functioning brick and mortar store that will provide jobs within our community. It’s one thing to think it and say it but Akarai will successfully do it. Watch out for Akarai.