Loving What I Do!

Loving What I Do!

Hey Fashion Warriors!

Clothing is life. It's an art form that makes you feel beautiful, attractive, handsome and the countless other descriptive terms that you feel when you look good. The great thing about clothing is that it is a bold yet silent display of how you are feeling. A person can say a lot about themselves from a simple t-shirt. Of course, I  would mention T-shirts because I live for an active statement to be said on my shirts.

I use my shirts as my own personal billboard to describe my mood, or feelings about life in general. Some days I might want to bless the world and other days I may want to talk about issues within my community. The Art of fashion allows you to do that. You can be you without opening your mouth. Many times people hear you better in silence and understand you better with words that they read. That's why I love what I do.

Akarai has become an outlet for me to express myself and give others a voice as well, whether it's through our bold color choices, our sense of humor, or the powerful statements that we make and what we stand for this is why I Absolutely Love What I Do.

Akarai'd (Akarai Certified)